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  • 85 Flinders Way, Griffith, Canberra - Inner South ACT 2603, Australia
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There's no compromise regarding the health and well-being of our beloved furry family members. Since its inception in 1987, Manuka Vet Hospital has been a trusted name in the Canberra and ACT region. It is committed to providing top-notch medical and surgical care for pets. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Manuka Vet Hospital for your pet's healthcare needs.

Legacy of Excellence: Manuka Vet Hospital was founded by Dr Graeme Pearce, a dedicated veterinarian passionate about animal care. Over the years, the hospital has upheld its reputation for maintaining a high medical and surgical care standard.

Experienced Team: With a transition in leadership in 2014, Dr. Michael Archinal took the reins, bringing his expertise and dedication to the practice. The team at Manuka Vet Hospital comprises highly qualified veterinarians who are skilled and profoundly compassionate about your pet's well-being.

Comprehensive Care: Manuka Vet Hospital isn't limited to cats and dogs. They offer veterinary care for a wide range of species, ensuring that all your pets, big or small, are in good hands.

Customer-Centric Approach: Beyond pet care, Manuka Vet Hospital strongly emphasises customer satisfaction. They understand the integral role pets play in our lives and aim to make you and your furry companions as happy as possible.

Convenient Location: Situated in a prime location, the hospital also caters to patients with international travel requirements. So, if you plan to move overseas with your pet, Manuka Vet Hospital has you covered.

Expanded Services: The partnership with Deakin Vet Hospital has allowed Manuka Vet Hospital to offer an even more comprehensive service to the local area, ensuring your pets receive the highest level of care.

When you choose Manuka Vet Hospital, you're selecting a legacy of excellence, a dedicated team, and a commitment to keeping your pets healthy and happy. Your pet deserves the best, which Manuka Vet Hospital strives to provide.

Manuka Vet Hospital is a trusted and caring partner in the well-being of your pets, making it a wise choice for any pet owner in the Canberra and ACT region.