Nestled within the heartland of Ngunnawal Country lies a region brimming with history, culture, and a deep connection to the land and waters. The Ngunnawal people, as the Traditional Custodians, have nurtured their profound relationship with this land for tens of thousands of years. The Canberra region, encompassing a collection of enchanting towns, offers a glimpse into this ancient heritage and the ongoing bond between the Ngunnawal people and their ancestral lands.

The roots of Ngunnawal culture run deep, with evidence of their occupation of the Canberra region extending over countless generations. This land has provided sustenance and a foundation for cultural, social, and spiritual identity. The Ngunnawal people's intricate understanding of the environment allowed them to thrive harmoniously, creating a profound and enduring connection.

Ngunnawal Country is a tapestry woven with threads of history, culture, and an unbreakable bond to the land. The towns within this region stand as testaments to the enduring connection between the Ngunnawal people and their ancestral lands. As visitors explore Canberra, Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman, Gunning, and beyond, they're invited to step into a world where past and present coexist, celebrating the rich tapestry of Ngunnawal heritage. It's a reminder that every corner of this land holds stories that transcend time, inviting us to learn, respect, and appreciate the vibrant legacy that Ngunnawal Country continues to offer.

Ngunnawal Country is roughly situated between Crookwell (Gungangurra Country) in the north, Cooma (Ngarigo Country) in the south, Gundagai (Wiradjuri Country) in the west and Braidwood (Walbanga Country) in the East.

Whether you are a local resident or visiting the country for politics, business, sport/recreation or leisure, the Ngunnwal-Country.O4S community information directory is where you find local goods and services in and around the country.

So whether you live north or south of the Molongolo River, we have Ngunnawal Country's biggest collection of locally managed online services across all eight districts of the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding region in New South Wales'.

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