Suppose you're a coffee enthusiast or enjoy a great cup of joe. In that case, The Cupping Room in Canberra is a destination that should be at the top of your must-visit list. This concept café, designed by the renowned team from Ona Coffee, is not just a place to grab your morning caffeine fix; it's an immersive coffee experience that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey.

    The art of cupping is at the heart of The Cupping Room's philosophy. This process is how coffee roasters and growers impartially evaluate and compare different coffees. It's a sensory adventure that allows you to explore various coffee beans' nuances, flavours, and aromas without bias. When you step into The Cupping Room, you're stepping into a world where coffee appreciation is elevated to an art form.

    The team behind The Cupping Room is deeply passionate about coffee, and their mission is to share that passion and knowledge with their customers. Through educational experiences and inclusivity, they aim to help coffee lovers develop their taste buds and savour every sip. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a novice, you'll find an opportunity to expand your coffee palate here.

    The Cupping Room is all about sharing flavours. From the moment you enter, you're invited to embark on a flavour journey like no other. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship means that every cup of coffee is a masterpiece, carefully brewed to bring out the best flavours. Beyond coffee, their menu offers a variety of delectable treats that pair perfectly with your beverage of choice.

    Above all, their genuine love for sharing flavour sets The Cupping Room apart. It's not just about coffee; it's about enhancing your enjoyment of life's simple pleasures. Whether you're sipping on a meticulously crafted espresso, participating in a coffee tasting, or savouring a delightful pastry, you'll find that every moment at The Cupping Room is a celebration of flavour.

    So, if you're in Canberra and have a passion for coffee or an interest in exploring the world of flavours, visit The Cupping Room. It's not just a café; it's an invitation to awaken your taste buds and experience the magic of coffee in a new way....

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    Canberra, Australia's 'bush capital,' is renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant culture. It is tucked away in the inner north of this picturesque city lies a culinary gem: Highroad Café. Whether you're a local Canberran or just passing through, here are compelling reasons why you should make Highroad Café your next stop:

    Highroad Café is a project by Ona Coffee, and it's all about celebrating the raw and refined elements that define Canberra. From the moment you step in, you'll sense the connection to the city's unique character. The café pays homage to Canberra's essence with a menu that features local Australian ingredients, including specialty coffee that showcases the region's rich coffee culture.

    Highroad is more than just a café; it's an all-day venue where you can savour contemporary food and drink. Whether you're seeking a quick coffee and a bite to eat to kickstart your day or aiming for a memorable dining experience, Highroad caters to everyone. Their diverse wine list and local and interstate craft beer selection ensure you can pair your meal with the perfect beverage.

    [Ona Coffee](https://onacoffee.com.au/), Canberra's largest specialty coffee company, drives Highroad's exceptional coffee offerings. With a commitment to connecting communities through a shared love of coffee, Ona Coffee has earned a reputation for excellence. Led by World Barista Champion 2015 Sasa Sestic, the Ona Coffee team has garnered numerous awards in barista, brewing, and roasting competitions. When you visit Highroad, you're not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you're partaking in a journey that spans from crop to cup.

    Highroad Café is more than a place to dine; it's a local space designed for everyone. Whether you're a regular looking for your daily caffeine fix or a traveller seeking a taste of Canberra, Highroad welcomes you with open arms. The café's friendly atmosphere and commitment to using local ingredients make it a hub where the community comes together to savour the flavours of Canberra.

    Operating from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm and on weekends and public holidays from 8 am to 3 pm, Highroad Café is conveniently accessible for all. So, whether you're starting your day, enjoying a leisurely brunch, or seeking a unique dining experience, make your way to Highroad Café and discover the essence of Canberra through its culinary offerings....

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    In the heart of Dickson, Canberra, there's a hidden gem waiting to be explored: Trevs@Dickson Cafe and Restaurant. Nestled on Challis Street, this licensed establishment is more than just a place to grab a bite – it's a culinary haven that offers a delightful experience for food enthusiasts, friends, and families alike.

    One of the standout features of Trevs@Dickson is its diverse and creative menus. Whether you're stopping by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you'll find a tantalizing array of dishes made with Canberra's best local and seasonal produce. From delectable breakfast classics to innovative dinner creations, each item on the menu is crafted with care and passion, promising a memorable dining experience.

    Trevs@Dickson understands that life in the capital city can be bustling. That's why it offers a range of opening hours to cater to various occasions. Whether you're looking for a quick business lunch, a relaxing coffee catch-up with friends, or a cozy dinner with loved ones, Trevs@Dickson has you covered. With extended hours, including weekend brunch, you can savour their culinary delights at your

    The ambience at Trevs@Dickson is warm, inviting, and perfect for creating cherished memories. Whether you dine indoors or opt for a spot on the outdoor terrace, you'll be greeted with friendly service and a cozy atmosphere that sets the stage for a memorable meal. It's an ideal setting to unwind, celebrate special occasions, or enjoy good food and company.

    So, why should you visit Trevs@Dickson? It's because this charming Canberra cafe and restaurant offers a delightful combination of culinary creativity, convenient hours, and a welcoming ambience. Whether you're a local looking for your new favourite dining spot or a visitor eager to explore Canberra's culinary scene, Trevs@Dickson is a must-visit destination that promises to satisfy your taste buds and leave you with a lasting appreciation for the vibrant food culture of the capital city. Don't miss the chance to discover this hidden gem in Dickson – your culinary adventure awaits!...

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