Nestled in the vibrant district of Gungahlin in Canberra, Australia, Mitchell is a thriving light-industrial estate with a rich history and a promising future. Named in honor of Major Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, an intrepid explorer of inland New South Wales and the Surveyor-General of New South Wales, Mitchell pays homage to its pioneering roots. The streets in this industrial hub are thoughtfully named after Australian industrialists, adding a touch of history to the area.

Mitchell's Industrial Legacy: Mitchell has long been a significant player in Canberra's economy, serving as a hub for light-industrial activities. With its strategic location and well-connected infrastructure, it has been a favored choice for businesses, both small and large. As the region continues to grow, Mitchell remains a pivotal contributor to the local economy.

Kenney: The Suburb of Promise: Just next door to Mitchell lies the new and upcoming suburb of Kenney. This emerging suburb holds great potential and is already making waves with its key landmarks. It is home to the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC), where a wide array of events, exhibitions, and shows are held, bringing life and excitement to the community.

Canberra Showground and Thoroughbred Park: Kenney is also proud to host the Canberra Showground, a cultural and entertainment center that hosts various events, including the iconic Canberra Show. Moreover, Thoroughbred Park, Canberra's premier horse racing track, adds an element of thrill to the suburb. Horse racing enthusiasts and event-goers can indulge in the excitement of race days and equestrian competitions.

A Bright Future Ahead: With its close proximity to Mitchell and its growing reputation as an entertainment and event hub, Kenney promises a bright future. Residents and visitors can look forward to a dynamic blend of industrial activity and recreational experiences. It's a testament to Canberra's continuous growth and evolution as a vibrant and diverse city.

Mitchell stands as a testament to Canberra's industrious past, while Kenney represents the city's ever-evolving future. Together, these suburbs offer a unique blend of industry and entertainment, creating a dynamic and lively community. Whether you're a business owner in Mitchell or an event enthusiast in Kenney, both suburbs contribute to the rich tapestry of life in Canberra, making them worth exploring and experiencing.

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