Welcome to Air Bark'n'Bark

    Whether you’re off for a weekend, a fortnight or you’re planning a longer trip, there’s nothing better than traveling with your four-legged friend.

    We love to take our dogs with us wherever we go, and we always try and plan dog-friendly activities. But some places just aren’t suitable for dogs, and that can present a problem when you’re on the road.

    That’s why we created Air Bark ’n’ Bark.

    We want to make it easy to connect with other like-minded individuals who are loving life on the road. 

    Air Bark ’n’ Bark is like a babysitting service for dogs. When you’re on the road and you need someone to take care of your canine – whether that’s for an hour or the rest of the day – you can find a local service by using our app. 

    Air Bark ’n’ Bark makes it easier to travel around Australia with your dogs because a dog-minding service is only ever a few clicks away. 

    We’re passionate about our pooches, and we believe that Air Bark ’n’ Bark will transform the lives of travelers and holidaymakers. By making it easier to take dogs along on every trip, we hope we can reduce the number of dogs that have to be re-homed.  ...

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    At Blondus Dogus, we love all animals. We are passionate about their well-being and quality of life. We will provide your beloved pet with the best of attention and highest quality care. All Blondus Dogus staff have pets of their own and have spent most of their life around animals. Our pets are considered cherished members of the family and are extremely well loved. We are devoted to animal welfare and many of us have spent time volunteering for various animal welfare organisations. Our goal is to make a positive difference to the daily lives of the animals in our care. The warm, tail-wagging greetings we get from our furry clients make our day! Blondus Dogus is insured and all staff have undergone AFP National Police Checks.

    Exercise is an essential part of a dog's life. Our dog walking sessions are ideal for dogs who are left alone during the day or to provide some additional exercise for your pet. Regular exercise helps to keep your dog both healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.

    If your dog is bored and looking to spice up his life, why not let him attend one of our doggy playgroups? Our playgroups are ideal for dogs who suffer from loneliness and boredom while their people are away. Playgroups provide a wonderful opportunity for your dog to socialise with other canines, to expel any excess energy and for him to learn his place in the pack.

    Dog Minding is a wonderful alternative to boarding your four legged best friend. When your dogs remains at home, there is less risk of exposure to contagious diseases, parasites and illnesses from other animals in a boarding kennel. Your dog will be happier and less stressed being at home in their own familiar environment. During each visit, we will ensure your dog's diet, food regime and exercise routine are followed. You will have the same pet sitter for the duration of your service adding to your peace of mind.

    Cat sitting is the perfect alternative for your feline friend. It allows your cat to stay in the comfort of their own home while you are away. Your cat/s will be happier and less stressed being in their own familiar environment. We will provide your fabulous feline with a quality and caring service.

    Small Animal Minding. Blondus Dogus we don’t discriminate. We love all animals from the small to the large. Whether your beloved pet is a fish, rabbit, bird or chicken we are here to offer your special pet the best of attention and care of the highest quality care. Small animal sitting is the perfect alternative for your small friends. We will provide your animals with a quality and caring service. It is more stable and reliable than asking a neighbour. You will have the same dedicated caring pet sitter each time - who you meet during our free consultation is the person who will care for your beloved pet for the duration of the service. As part of our Small Animal Sitting service, we will collect your mail, water indoor plants, turn lights off and on and put your bins out at no extra charge! For added piece of mind, we will send you a daily email or SMS to let you know everything is ok....

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    The Dog squad is a Canberra dog walking service. We all know that our dogs love nothing more than going for a walk. A daily walk is important to keep them physically active and to ensure they remain mentally stimulated. You can choose to have your dog taken on a half hour or hourly walk and part of a group or walked privately.

    As well as offering a Canberra dog walking service, the Dog squad also runs Doggy Boot camps. Boot camp is a two hour service. The first hour is spent on a structured walk to burn up that excess energy and the second hour is spent socialising the dogs where they can play in a group environment in one of Canberra’s off leash dog parks.

    I’ve seen first hand how stressful the kennels can be for our pets. The beauty of my pet minding service is that I care for your pet in the comfort of their own home where they remain in a familiar and relaxed environment. Plus you have the added bonus of having your house looked after as well as your beloved pets....

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