• Palmerville Heritage Park
  • Owen Dixon Drive, McKellar, Belconnen ACT, Australia
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Discover the Timeless Charm of Palmerville Heritage Park

Located on the edge of Giralang, between Belconnen and Gungahlin, lies a hidden gem that beckons history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Welcome to Palmerville Heritage Park, a 33-hectare expanse of natural beauty and historical significance. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider visiting this unique destination:

A Glimpse into History: Palmerville Heritage Park is a living testament to the region's rich history. Named after Lieutenant George Thomas Palmer, the first pioneer owner of the area, this park invites you to step back in time. It's an opportunity to explore the remnants of a bygone era, where a general store, post office, dwellings, and a wool shed once thrived. Strolling through the park, you can almost hear the echoes of its vibrant past.

Scenic Natural Beauty: Beyond its historical significance, Palmerville Heritage Park boasts breathtaking natural beauty. The park's 33 hectares encompass lush greenery, tranquil walking tracks, and picturesque picnic spots. Whether you're a keen photographer or simply seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, the park's serene surroundings offer solace and inspiration.

Dog-Friendly Haven: If you're a dog owner, Palmerville Heritage Park is a paradise for you and your furry companions. The park allows dogs to be off-leash, providing a safe, open space to run and play freely. It's an ideal destination for a day out with your canine friends, offering them a chance to explore nature and make new four-legged friends.

Family-Friendly Activities: The park's amenities cater to various interests. You can enjoy a relaxed picnic with loved ones, fresh air and scenic views. Suppose you're inclined to explore on horseback. In that case, Palmerville Heritage Park offers horse riding opportunities, adding an element of adventure to your visit. And for those who appreciate a good barbecue, the park provides gas and electric BBQ facilities, perfect for a delicious outdoor meal.

Convenient Location: Palmerville Heritage Park is easily accessible from Owen Dixon Drive and is bounded by William Slim Drive and the CSIRO Experiment Station on the Barton Highway. Its central location makes it a convenient and accessible destination for locals and visitors alike.

Palmerville Heritage Park is where history and nature converge, offering a unique experience for all who visit. Whether you're intrigued by its historical significance, seeking a tranquil natural escape, or simply looking for a dog-friendly outing, this park has something for everyone. Come and explore the timeless charm of Palmerville Heritage Park, and let its stories and beauty captivate your senses.